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Get a loan of up to £1000 Complete our simple application and if approved the lender or broker will send the money directly to your account. Short Term Loans are available to all states of United Kingdon. Most of our customers are from london, kent,liverpool, and other areas. These Payday Loans should be used for short-term financial needs(emergency cash need) like for paying off unexpected expences, bike or car broken down, household maintenance, etc. only, not as a long-term financial solution. Customers with credit difficulties should seek credit counseling.

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Representative example:Borrow £100 for 30 days. Total repayment: Amount payable: £124. Interest £24.
Interest rate: 292% p.a.(fixed). Representative APR: 1269.7%(variable).

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

About Us- is a loan matching service. This site will submit the information you provide to a direct lender. Upon loan approval, a direct lender may require further information from you which will be collected after we transfer you to their website or they may contact you via phone or email.
The operator of this site is not a direct lender or broker. Loan terms, conditions and policies vary by lender and applicant qualifications. Not all lending partners offer up to £1,000 loans, and not all applicants will be approved for their requested loan amounts. Loan repayment periods vary by lender also. Lenders may use collection services for non-payment of loans.
Not all borrowers will qualify for a loan, the operator of this website does not engage in any direct consumer lending, we simply provide a FREE loan matching service to the public. To operate this service we may receive a commission from the lenders or brokers we refer you to.

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100% Online
Enjoy the convenience - 100% Online

Just fill the online application form from anywhere and anytime. We'll be ready to find your perfect match whenever you need us. 24/7 hours 12 month and 365 days

Loans Credit Check
Credit decisions

Lenders may perform credit check on loan applications they receive. We make neither credit related decisions nor offer cash. Any queries or doubts would be directed to the lenders.

Quick Loans
Obtain quick cash

Amount that you will get can be used for any of your emergency requirements. If loan is sanctioned then funds would be deposited into bank account within an hour or maximum within the next business day.

40 Plus Lenders
Associated with Panel of 40 plus lenders

Application forwarded to lenders –The form filled and submitted by a customer is shared with 40 plus lenders for further review.

Mini Text Loans
Flexible borrowing

Choose a text loan that meets your needs without overborrowing. Borrow from £100 to £1000 over 1 to 12 months.

100% Safe
Safe & Secure

Secure application, your personal information is safe. Our site is protected by industry-recognized security standards, and all information provided is encrypted during submission.

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Payday text loans are quick and convenient that too without any kind of hassle or fuss.
  • A bank account with a debit card.
  • A mobile number.
  • An active email address.
  • Your employment if applicable.
  • Your regular income and outgoings.
  • Online decision –Decision related to the application form is given within a few minutes. Chances are that credit check might be performed as well.
  • Approval – We take no guarantee of loan match, loan approval or loan amount. All applicants are not entitled to get an approval for a short term loan or text loan by SMS. is not involved in the process of direct money lending. All we do is provide customers with the free of cost loan matching service.
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Credit Check

Lender may perform a credit check upon application. We are not a lender or broker and do not make credit decisions. Any consumer queries should be directed to lenders.

Important Information:



Collection Practices

Once you have received your payday loan amount, if for any reason you think you will be unable to meet any arranged repayments, or if you think there will be any difficulty repaying any part of your loan, then you must contact the provider of your loan directly as soon as you become

Contacting your lender will provide you with the best opportunity to perhaps reschedule your loan repayments or discuss further options in more detail to avoid adverse action. Changing repayments of your loan amount could incur further charges or interest, the details of which can only be discussed directly with the lender of your instalment loan. If no attempt is made to contact your lender and update them on any circumstantial changes or make the lender aware of any difficulty in paying back what you owe; they reserve the right to pass on your details to third party debt collections agencies or organisations that will attempt to recover the debt.

Lenders usually reserve the right to utilise the Continuous Payment Authority to continue to attempt to take payment from your card up to 90 days past your due date. This is only done if it is in line with the terms of your agreement. Please check your own Terms and Conditions on your signed loan agreement for details.



Non-Payment Implications

The implications of non-payment of your loan could include adverse details being included within your credit report. This could adversely affect future attempts at securing credit or finance, in addition to further charges potentially being added by the lender. Where you miss a payment entirely, you will often incur a charge/fee that will be added on to the total amount that you owe. Upon a missed payment, lenders will often try to contact you by telephone or letter in order to recover the funds and they may be able to arrange a new re-payment date with you. If you are struggling, or think there is a possibility that you will not be able to meet repayments, strongly recommends that you contact the lender in the first instance.



Important things to remember:

- Don't borrow money if you know you will struggle to pay it back

- Don't ignore the situation, contact your lender as your first port of call

Please be aware that if do not repay your loan at the agreed date between yourself and your lender, this will result in your lender reporting your case to the Credit Reference Agencies; which may have a negative effect on your credit score. This may negatively impact your ability to obtain credit in the future for services such as car finance, mobile phone contracts or satellite TV subscriptions. If you default, you may be charged a collection fee (which varies from one lender to another), plus interest on the balance outstanding at the interest rate payable under the agreement. You must pay your lender any reasonable expenses and costs that may be incurred in taking steps to enforce (for example, via County Court Judgments), or attempt to enforce, the lenders rights against you under your agreement.



Payday loan renewal policy

Your lender may be willing to renew your loan. If you wish to do this you should contact them as soon as you know. Our lenders generally charge the same or better rates for loans if you have successfully repaid a loan to them in the past. Remember our lenders have to check that you can afford any loan. Any decision you make regarding the renewal of a loan should be made with full consideration of all the costs and your situation at that time.

Late or non-payment could lead to further interest and/or charges being added to your account.



Consumer Advisory: is a loan matching service. This site will submit the information you provide to a direct lender. Upon loan approval, a direct lender may require further information from you which will be collected after we transfer you to their website or they may contact you via phone or email.

The operator of this site is not a direct lender or broker. Loan terms, conditions and policies vary by lender and applicant qualifications. Not all lending partners offer up to £1,000 loans, and not all applicants will be approved for their requested loan amounts. Loan repayment periods vary by lender also. Lenders may use collection services for non-payment of loans.

Not all borrowers will qualify for a loan, the operator of this website does not engage in any direct consumer lending, we simply provide a FREE loan matching service to the public. To operate this service we may receive a commission from the lenders or brokers we refer you to.

  • Text Loans Bad Credit

    Who says that having an adverse credit history can be the biggest obstacle in fetching additional funds?

    All Credit Accepted with Credit Check via Lenders - Good or Bad Credit OK!

    With you can easily get hold of money that is needed for fulfilling several of the impending tasks. We are an online entity that has on its panel trusted and eminent lenders of the country (UK) who let you get what you need the most- easy funds. Applying through us you have to worry not at all about your bad credit or good credit score as we accept application from all money seekers without any discrimination of any sorts.

    Choosing our loan finder service, you can find out about money lenders who are offering short term loans and text loans. As soon as you have taken a decision to fetch loan between £100 and £1000 then you need to fill an application form which is simple and can be done from the comfort of your home.

    We all know that financial exigencies can arrive in life without any notification, especially when you least expect them. In such times, you need somewhere to turn for help. Asking monetary help from friends and relatives can be awkward, however loan finder service like our can be the best answer to your problems.

    Irrespective of the fact how meticulously you budget your expenditures, tackling with some situations can become challenging at times, especially when they arrive in the middle or end of the month. This is when SMS Loan can prove to be of great help.

  • Text Loans Direct Lenders

    Obtain cash for emergency requirements

    Get Quick Cash Loans for Emergency Needs!

    There are several reasons why people might require cash in hurry. If your washing machine has stopped working suddenly, your house needs some sudden repair, your car has broken down or you need for money for medical emergency, these loans can help you obtain money till next pay check comes.

    The payday text loans are approved for short-term so that you can obtain cash for emergency requirements. These are short-term cash advance which allows you obtain money between £100 and £1000 and has to be paid back by the next payday. Payday loans are a great source of cash support when you are running short on funds. It lets you tackle situations that are of urgent and unavoidable nature. Funds from this loan can be put to use to avoid additional charges from bank or credit, for medical, gas or waterbills or unexpected VET bills. For those who require money for fulfilling any such task, these loans make for the best option to consider.

    It is strongly recommended that you should opt for these loans only if you are stuck in some kind of emergency situation. It is important to note that such loans are approved only for short-term, and are not apt for debt problems or long-term loans.

  • £ 100 Text Loans

    Why apply through us?

    Borrow Text loans up to 1000 pounds for 1 month!

    When you are trapped in the vicious circle of financial predicament all that you want is swift cash without having to get indulged into time-consuming and daunting formality. Also want sets us apart from others is that Lender may run credit check on the applications making it simpler and easier for poor creditors to gain money. So, if you are tagged with arrears, county court judgments, defaults and individual voluntary arrangements then apply through us.

    Funds that we strive to get you an approval for is sufficient for small needs and is sanctioned on the basis of parameters such as salary that you are withdrawing, your ability to pay back borrowed amount and current expenses. In addition to this, there is no need for you to reveal the purpose for which you require money., you have the facility of applying online. Yes, you do not have to face any hassle. Just visit our website and fill up the two-minute online application form so We'll submit the details you give us to our panel of lenders for approval—you’ll get a Yes or No decision back in just a few minutes. Details that you will be sharing will be kept safe with us.

    What sets us apart from others is high chance to approval that we are able to bring to our customers.

What to know before you apply!

Frequently Asked Questions(CLICK TO OPEN)

Most of us spend hours using mobile phones these days. After all, there are so many things that can be done on it. From watching a film to listening music, shopping for clothes and household items, paying bills or playing games, there is so much that you can do. Well, you can now apply for text loans and get much needed finances through your phone. Text loans are extremely simple and straightforward way to obtain short-term finance in amounts varying between 100 pounds and 1000 pounds. The entire process of applying is online and it is easy to find out whether or not the application has been given an approval even if you are on move.

When you are considering applying for text loans, make sure you apply through a direct lender because it will be a company that will provide you funds in case your loan application gets an approval. When you choose a reputable lender, you will realize that they are a company based in the United Kingdom which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and have a license which could be checked on the FCA register. To obtain a text payday loan, you have to get yourself register beforehand by making use of the online application form and a customer can apply for text loan only after getting an approval. Obtaining a text loan through a direct lender means you can request an amount by just sending a text and the lender will respond through a mail as a new agreement might have to be signed. In some cases, as soon as the text is sent and approved quickly, money will be deposited to the bank account once the lenders have your details.

While looking for a lender online, you will come across many who claim to offer instant money, however, it is suggested that you check whether they are a broker or direct lender. In case, they are a broker, they will try to look for a lender for you. Applying through a broker means that the company you are choosing to apply for loan does not have funds directly will pass your details to the other brokers or lenders which might put your details and personal information at risk as you do not have any idea where your details are being sent or shared. Brokers get revenue by charging applicants a fee up front for providing service or get commission through other lenders. We believe that customers should never be charged with fee before a text loan is approved. In addition, looking for a loan should be free of cost by applying directly with the lenders as it would also help in saving time.

Trying to obtain Text loans no credit checks is quite a tedious and difficult task. All text loan lenders conduct a credit check which is also considered mandatory by law and should also perform check set out by the FCA such as affordability checks and responsible lending. In case, you come across websites stating that you can gain no credit check text loan, be wary as chances are that your information might be shared with the companies who will run the credit check. There are some companies which are verydeceptiveand give an impression that they are involved in the direct lending, however, they are actually a broker. Thus, make sure that you always do an investigation before making any decision..

There are several lenders who consider customers having bad credit because an increasing number of lenders are accessing information manually instead of letting computer decide the fate. Chances are that you might have committed a mistake financially in the past by money lenders are being slightly more flexible when it comes to approving loans. And, most lenders in UK are now offering installment loans. By installment loans, it means that you can opt for a text loan now and later make repayment spread over monthly installments. This, in turn, makes it a lot easier for the customers about repayment and they do not have to worry about paying the entire loan amount along with interest with the next payday cheque. Text loans for bad credit are available; however lenders would run a credit check to find out if loan is manageable as they have best interest of the customer into consideration.

When you get in touch with a direct lender, you would realize that he will not claim that there is payday loans with 100% acceptance assured, because all responsible money lenders perform credit checks and affordability checks in order to ensure that the borrower could pay back the borrowed amount. However, saying that does not mean you have to have a perfect credit record for getting a loan approval.

Although chances are that a payday loans direct lender might provide payday loans with instant approval, it is important to know that in reality, no such thing exists. All loan applicants have to undergo the necessary checks which might consume sometime. However, the process of approval is still very quick.

Lenders who are responsible will not give you Payday Loans with High Acceptance guarantee as they perform mandatory credit and affordability checks as this would help them make sure that you can make repayment of the leaned amount.

When you are bombarded with financial difficulties and dilemma and are not able to borrow money from family and friends, you may decide to run an online search for “text loans” or “payday loans”. The search results that you will get are likely to include brokers and payday loan direct lenders, even though at times, it becomes quite difficult to decide which one is lender and which one is broker.

In case you choose to opt for “Text Loans No Credit Check”, you might think that your credit record will not be scanned by the broker or lender. However, contrary is the reality, as all the regulated lenders would require ensuring that the money they are lending can be repaid by you. They carry out some kind of credit check which might comprise of an identity check for making sure that the applicant is neither bankrupt nor has any other such problem. It is extremely important for an applicant to read all the terms and conditions with great care as it will help you know what checks will be performed on your credit record and how the information and details of your credit files would be used.

If emergency expenses or unexpected bills crop up at a time when you have no funds left with you then it is apparent for you to panic. This is when you need additional money to cover the expenses. Small loans(£100 text loanst) that short term lenders offers might typically range between £100 loans and £1000 loans, although the actual amount for which an applicant varies from one lender to the other.

If you are cash strapped and hunting for an instant or quick lending solution then chances are that you might come across the term “Fast Text Loans”, “Quick Text Loans” or “Instant Text Loans” for explaining the services offered by the lenders. As a matter of fact, it is important to note that there is nothing as an instant, quick or fast text loans. Basically, these are different names for a short-term loan that provide easy accessibility to the much needed additional cash.

The term “Instant Payout Loans” means that the money sanctioned would be transferred into your bank account as and when you apply for a loan, however this is not the case. In the last few decades or so, several new guidelines have been issued by the FCA, Financial Conduct Authority, for helping and protecting those who are in need for instant monetary support. The good news, however, is that now there are caps on the overall charges of a loan along with an additional value checks that should be done from pre-approval to a loan can be agreed. Thus, irrespective of whether you opt for instant cash loans online or instant decision loan, the actual procedure you might have to undergo would be specifically the same. As soon as you have taken the decision how much amount you need to borrow, and agreed with the pay back term, you can complete the entire application online form in just a few minutes.

With so many online new payday lenders to choose from these days, it can be a bit overwhelming deciding on which one to apply with for a short term loan or text loan. What to Look For in a Payday Lender: What do I need to apply? If approved, when will I receive my payday loan? How much can I apply for? Although these are some of the most popular questions people seek answers to when searching new payday lenders, they're not always the most important. Some additional questions you should ask yourself when searching payday lenders:Is the lender licensed?, How much does the loan cost?, Are there trust icons? - "VeriSign Secured™ or McAfee SECURE™".

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